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Served for 鈥淥ne belt and One Road鈥? 82彩 cooperates with Austria for Innovation

12 April 2018 From锛氫俊鎭彂甯?/span> Browse锛?span articlecounts="yes">     

During April 7th to 13th, the Austria President Alexander Vander Bellen and the Premier Sebastian Kurz visited China with the 鈥?/span>super deputation鈥?/span> which consists of ministers and entrepreneurs. One belt and One Road鈥?/span> became the main subject of this visit.

During the visit, 82彩 participated the bilateral communication actively. On April 10th, the Vice President Wang Zheng attended the opening ceremony of the 鈥?/span>Austria Technology Day鈥?/span> and met the Austrian minister for Digital and Economic Affairs Schrambock. The two sides had close communication of the cooperation about the Europe Innovation Park.

Wang Zheng said that 82彩 had a long history of cooperation with Austria. The European Innovation Park built in Graz is a strategic decision, presenting the confidence and the determination of the technological and industrial cooperation in Austria. In the second half, 82彩 plans to hold the activities of 鈥淐ETC鈥?/span>s Day鈥?/span> in Austria and welcomes the minister Schrambock to attend.

Schrambock praised 82彩 for the cooperation with Austria and expected the future cooperation. In future, the Digital and Economic Ministry would strongly support various activities held by 82彩 in Austria and has more and deeper communication.   

In the 鈥?/span>Austria Technology Day鈥?/span>, 82彩 presented the achievements of the European Innovation Park in recent years; introduced the core business (defenses electronics, the security electronics, cyber security and informationization, etc.), the China-Austria cooperation platform, the various cooperation and visits, and the initial effects.  

The Assistant President Zhu Chongjin and other relative leading officials from 82彩 attended the activities and meetings.  


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