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Chen Zhaoxiong

20 May 2020 From锛?/span> Browse锛?span articlecounts="yes">     

銆€銆€Chen Zhaoxiong, was born in PuTian, FuJian province in September 1961, is a Researcher with PhD in Engineering. He began to work in February 1985, and joined the CPC in June 1994.

銆€銆€Since May, 2020, he has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board and Secretary of 82彩 Party Leadership Group of 82彩票 co., LTD.

銆€銆€He is Deputy to the 18th National鈥侰ongress鈥俹f鈥倀he鈥侰ommunist鈥侾arty鈥俹f鈥侰hina. Deputy to the 12nd National People's Congress.

銆€ 銆€Meanwhile he worked as:

銆€ 銆€Vice President of CEC.

銆€ 銆€Chairman of China Greatwall Technology Group.

銆€ 銆€Vice Chairman and President of CEC.

銆€ 銆€Vice Governor and Member of its CPC Leadership Group of the People's Government of Hunan province.

銆€ 銆€Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Party Leadership Group, and Executive Vice Governor of the People's Government of Hunan province.

銆€ 銆€Party Member and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People`s Republic of China.

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